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Restaurant La Cordée

Restaurant La Cordée

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In order to offer you the best products, we have rigorously chosen our partners and we thank them for their collaboration and their trust.

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Founded in 1982, the Macbirch cellar is rightly considered the mythical wine cellar of Verbier.

Listening to its local and international customers who love the finest nectars, it has been able to challenge itself in its selection of decoctions throughout these three decades to satisfy the most demanding palates.

The Macbirch cellar offers a catalogue of over 700 references from all over the world in wines, champagnes and spirits. A must-see!

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Pierre-Alain Corthay Watercolours


Pierre-Alain Corthay has been exhibiting at La Cordée Restaurant since December 2021.

"These landscapes, these photos, these contrasts, are my conversations and my laughter...I keep them and play them back to myself while painting...it must be felt in my paintings.

I enjoy every drop of happiness and I love blank pages...they are the first strokes of great freedom."

Pierre-Alain Corthay
Restaurant la cordée
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